Lane Rentals and Private Parties

Information and Rules for Lane Rentals, and Private Parties.


  • Lane rental is $20.00 per lane per hour.*
  • Shoe rental is $2.00 per person.
  • *If party is scheduled during normal business hours there is no minimum fee. However, if it is to be scheduled when we are normally closed, there is a $120 and a 3 lane minimum.
  • Example 1). 10 people for 2 hours on 3 lanes =$140
  • Example 2). 12 people for 1.5 hours on 4 lanes = $144

Bowling Bowl Lane Contract (PDF)


  • Food and/or snacks can be supplied through the bowling center, with the exception of the party cake and ice cream. ( Ice cream must be in individual serving cups).
  • Pizzas, Sandwiches & Party trays** can be ordered through the bowling center.
    **(Sandwiches and Party Trays require a week’s notice with a non refundable deposit.)
  • To bring in your own food there will be a $5.00 per lane surcharge and must be approved by Bowling Bowl’s management.


  • Candlepin bowling can be enjoyed by all, young to old !
  • All we ask is, if the party is for children that you have enough adults to watch them (at least one adult per lane rented.)


  • No alcohol can be brought on the premises even if it is for a gift.  (Sorry but this is a state law, no exception.)
  • Beer is available to those who have proper ID.
  • Some special beers can be ordered by the bowling center, but a 2 week notice and non refundable deposit is required.

Note, Hints and Suggestions

  • When having a party for small children (2 to 10 years old ) we have found it better to rent more lanes for less time than having them wait a long time between their turns. Plus, they tend to tire out after 1-1/2 hours. Keep in mind it takes about 1 hour for 4 well supervised children to each play a game. 5 adults can each play a game in about an hours time.
  • If you are working on a tight budget, you may want to plan to feed your little children before or after you come to bowl, since you are paying for alley time while they are eating.
  • For obvious reasons there is to be no running around or horse play allowed, and no throwing the balls recklessly. If you like, ask the attendee about different bowling games you can play. ( Games are geared to the older groups. ) The idea is for everyone to have fun.