Bowling Games

Whenever a Bowler get a mark (spare or strike) he or she get to draw a card. The card will be recorded. He may draw up to 9 cards however before he or she draw the 6th card he or she must cross off 1 of the card they have or lock in that hand and start a new hand. A the end of the party the person with the highest hand wins. ( You can change the requirements depending on the age or the ability of the people bowling. Or add wild cards picks for a selected pin drop.)

Lucky 7’s
The person or team who has the most 7’s in both columns wins. ( 7’s in the per frame and 7’s in the score side both counts a 77 in the score row counts as 2. )

5-50 Low
Is a game were you try to end up a low score of 50 however you must knock down at lease 5 pin per frame. Any thing less then 5 pins will count as 10 (1,2,3,or 4 pins = 10 ) any frame 5 or more is counted at face value.

Luck Number
Same game as Lucky 7’s except the players pick the number of pins to try for.

Backwards Bowling

You or your team pick a score to start with and subtract each frame from it as you play. The person or team with the score closest to “0†wins (2 or -2 are both 2 pins from 0 ). You must start with at lease 30 and Knock down at less 3 pins per frame.

Tag Teams
All the above games can be play as teams of 2 people where the first person bowls the 1st ball then his/his partner roll the 2nd ball then he/she rolls the 3rd ball. Then on the next frame his/hers partner starts and he/she roll the 2nd ball and the partner rolls the 3rd ball.